Allergic reactions to nail polish

Manicure can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are allergic to any ingredients in your nail polish. What is interesting is that often the first sign of being allergic to nail polish is a rash on the eyelids or face, not a rash around the nail. This occurs because the person has inadvertently rubbed their eyes and since the skin on lids is thin and sensitive, the allergic rash begins there.

An allergy to fingernail polish is classified as contact dermatitis because it results from direct contact with the substance you’re allergic to. Fingernail polish contains a number of chemical substances that can cause an allergic reaction. Once you develop an allergy to chemicals in nail polish, you’ll be allergic to them from then on. Consult your physician immediately if your symptoms of fingernail polish allergy include headache, because this can be a sign of a serious reaction called anaphylaxis.

Delayed Reaction

Contact dermatitis is also called a delayed hypersensitivity reaction because it generally takes several exposures to the offending substance, or allergen, before it produces a full-blown allergic reaction. At first contact, the allergen is absorbed into your skin and immune cells generate memory cells to recognize the allergen as harmful at subsequent exposures. An allergy to nail polish is often attributed to eye makeup or skin care products because the initial symptoms are typically expressed around your eyelids,face, ears and neck.12316328_988161647896727_5763021344410958162_n

Offending Substances

Fingernail polish contains several chemicals that can trigger an allergic reaction. Chemicals often found to produce allergies include:

  • Toluene Sulfonamide Formaldehyde Resin, or TSFR;
  • Formaldehyde resin;
  • Para- and ortho- toluene sulfonamide;
  • Acrylates
  • Dihutyl phtalate;
  • Thermoplastic resin;
  • Nickel mixing beads.

If you have an allergy to any of the chemicals in fingernail polish, before you buy, you need to read the product label carefully to check the ingredient list for allergens.

 Allergy Symptoms Including Headache

The nail polish fragrance wafts up toward your eyes and face, especially if you do your own nails, contacting the skin around your eyes. Touching your eyes or face before your nails are completely dry can also produce symptoms. Symptoms of a mild to moderate contact allergy include redness, itching, hives, swelling, blistering and pain. Get medical help immediately if you develop a headache along with other allergy symptoms.

Red nail polish reactions

It has been suggested that red nail polish causes nail allergies more often than other colors. Red nail polish does have red dye and, according to Emedicine, is more likely than other polishes to cause staining that can last several days. However, Emedicine did not report that there are more allergic reactions to red polish.

One additive that some red nail polishes have is carmine, a dye from ground up insects that has a particularly vivid red color. Carmine has been found to cause contact dermatitis reactions when added to red lipstick and eye shadow. Carmine has been also shown to sometimes cause severe allergic reactions when ingested or breathed. When you see “cochineal extract,” “carmine,” “crimson lake,” “natural red 4,” “C.I. 75470,” or “E120” on a product label, be aware that these terms refer to the red dye in your cosmetics – which is derived from the dried bodies of female cochineal insects.


A recent study has also found that a chemical, TPHP, found in more than 49% of nail polish brands, might be an endocrine disruptor, which means it interferes with hormones, and can show reproductive and developmental problems; Scientists say it may be linked to weight gain.


If you experience an allergic reaction to fingernail polish, remove the polish from your nails immediately. Wash your nails thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water to clear away all traces of offending chemical substances. If you suffer a mild reaction, consult your physician about a treatment plan best suited to your needs.


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